Did you know that . . . ? 

  • at least 95% of state prisoners will be released back into their communities.  [NRRC Facts and Trends] ​
  • unless something​ changes, over 75% of released prisoners will re-offend within 5 years.  [Bureau of Justice Statistics] 

​​​ Women’s Support Group

The Women's Support Group serves women who have been impacted by incarceration. This  group  supports  women  while  they  are   the     main    support (mentally, emotionally, and financially) of individuals who may be facing incarceration, currently incarcerated or ex-offenders (mother, father, husband, son, niece, daughter, uncle, cousin, friend).  This group is a safe place to share, listen and emotionally support other women.  We encourage, inspire, uplift, empower and motivate each group member to develop better communication,,understanding, active listening and self care techniques. This group is open to women who are on a journey of personal reflection and awareness, to connect and develop stronger relationships with other women, to build healthy families in order to build a stronger community. 


If you are a woman who has a family member in or out of prison and you are interested in meeting other women in the same situation, contact Sabrina Cotton for more information @ (857) 334-4029 or email Sabrina at Scotton1173@gmail.com


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Our Services 

Reentry Counseling

​The goal of re-entry counseling is to provide an opportunity for individuals who are in the process of re-entering the community to begin to make sense of their experiences as they navigate the transition from a highly structured prison environment back to a 'freer' world.  Early on in this transition, we offer counseling with a licensed clinician that has a primary goal of stabilization.  Once stabilization has been achieved, clients can begin to use their counseling sessions to understand some of the ideas and behaviors that sent them to prison in the first place and which continue to put them at risk to re-offend.

Family Re-Integration

​​Family members of formerly incarcerated men and women play a critical role in the re-integration process.  After release, most ex-offenders return and rely on family members who often times are neither aware of nor equipped to handle the multitude of challenges that the returning person struggles with.  Through support circles, family counseling and one-on-one mentoring, Hour House Boston assists families to, not only provide valuable support to their returning loved ones, but to effectively address and cope with the impact of the incarceration on themselves.

Participants develop practical skills by taking in-depth, step-by-step looks at how their thinking, beliefs, codes and values play a significant role in determining the quality of their lives 

Our mission is to assist returning-citizens to become contributing members of their families and communities by encouraging responsibility, leadership and social awareness.

If we give people the opportunities they need, they can become catalysts for change in the community.

  • Life Skills Training
  • Reentry Counseling
  • Family Reintegration
  • Job Placement Support
  • Mentoring

Our Mission

One of the most profound challenges facing American society is the reintegration of more than 600,000 adults - about 1600 a day - who leave state and federal prisons and go home each year.                                                    

                                                                                                                                                                                 -  Joan Petersilia                                                                                        

Job Placement Support

​One of the keys to successful re-integration is access to employment.  For individuals in re-entry who need job assistance, we provide an assessment of their skills and interests to help them develop an individual action plan.  We also provide assistance starting a job search or finding a vocational or pre-vocational program that matches their needs.  We have partnerships with CORI-friendly employers and we offer workshops to help clients learn how to network and utilize their contacts to find employment.


Structured mentoring is available to clients of the program to provide the skills, confidence and support necessary to become fully engaged with their families and communities.  Mentors are assigned, based on the client's specific needs.  The mentor, who is often times a professional who has successfully transitioned back into the community him/herself, is available to advise, coach, guide and encourage the mentee during the re-entry process.  Mentors are supervised by the Executive Director.


For more information about Hour House Boston, please contact Glenn Williams @ (617) 291-9667

​Life Skills Training

Hour House Boston offers intensive workshops and structured discussion groups that carefully prepare participants to effectively manage personal finances,, improve workplace performance, as well as build and maintain healthy interpersonal relationships.  

Topics of the workshops include:

  • Effective Networking
  • Financial Literacy
  • Problem Solving and Critical Thinking
  • ​Family Awareness